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Nebulus was originally a bot made for my friends server called Nebulus

Nebulus was originally a bot made for my friends server called Nebulus, but at the end of everything we decided to make it public for everyone we know to use, so i went ahead fixed all the crap i made and started setting it up for public use, idk how many servers it can handle for playing all the music but im hoping in the future it will be able to handle at least 50+ servers playing music at once right now with the hardware its hosted on the most is can play on multiple servers at once is most likely 10 - 20 ok well now that all this is said and done here are the commands for nebulus

  • Main Commands - n!botinfo - Shows Bot Information.

  • Music Commands - v!play - Play a song or add it to the queue v!pause - Pause the current song. v!np - Display the currently played song v!queue - Display each song title in queue v!remove - Remove from the queue the song at position index v!resume - Resume music if it was paused. v!skip - Skip the currently played song v!stop - Stop the currently played song and clear the queue v!volume - Change music volume

  • Mod Commands - m!ban - Bans the mentioned user and deletes their messages from the last 2 days. m!kick - Kicks the mentioned user.


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