Your simple music system for your Discord Server

#Penol.XYZ Your simple and fast music system for your Discord Server with a much better quality from Germany. Soon even more in bundle with a nice web interface.

This is our first bot that we programmed, if you have any questions or suggestions, please come to our discord :)

DE Dein einfaches und schnelles Musiksystem für Ihren Discord Server mit einer bisschen beresseren Qualität aus Deutschland. Bald mehr im Bund mit einem schönen Webinterface.

Dies ist unser erster Bot, den wir programmiert haben. Wenn Sie Fragen oder Anregungen haben, kommen Sie bitte zu unserer Zwietracht :)


!loop changes the loop type

!nowplaying shows the song that is playing right now

!play [song] plays the song you give him

!queue shows the queue in a list

!remove [position in queue | name] removes the song you want

!seek [mm:ss] skip to a time

!shuffle shuffles the queue

!skip [position in queue | name] skips the songs in queue AND the targetted song

!skipto [position in queue | name] skips the songs in queue WITHOUT the targetted song

!stop The bot disconnects

!volume [1-150] changes the volume


!addrole Adds a role to a user.

!ban Bans a user.

!clear Clears a specified number of messages, between 1 and 100.

!kick Kicks a user.

!mute Mutes a user.

!removerole Removes a role from a user.

!unmute Unmutes an user.

!warn Warns a user.


!botinfo shows information about the bot

!help You get all commands in your dm's

!ping checks the bot's ping to the Discord server

!roleinfo shows information about a role

!serverinfo shows information about the current server

!uptime shows the bot uptime

!userinfo shows information about an user


!meow Replies with a meow, kitty cat.

!embed Creates an embed

!hastebin Pastes a text to hastebin.

!invite Shows the bot invitelink


!autorole Gives a user automatically role(s) if he joins the server

!autoroledelete Deletes the server autorole.

!autoroleset Sets the server autorole.

!autorolesync Gives all users the configured autorole.

!muteroledelete Deletes the server muterole.

!muterole Shows the server muterole.

!muterolecreate Creates a server muterole.

!muteroleset Sets the server muterole.

!prefix Shows or sets the command prefix.


!groups Lists all command groups

!enable Enables a command or command group

!disable Disables a command or your command group


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