LOA Bump#6957

LOA Bump is a bump bot which bumps (advertises) your server to all servers that has set the bot up. Set it up by loa.setup command!

The Lead of Adveritisng Network Presents: LOA Bump. The bot will bump (advertise) your server and send your advertisements to all servers which have set the bot up!

Bump Your Server!

LOA Bump

Why Us? Easy To Use Setup Process is simple With one command and the bot will do the rest

What are you waiting for? Join LOA if you need any help and invite the bot!

How To Use?

To setup the bot, run the loa.setup command and follow the instructions from the bot! To bump, run the loa.bump command and it will be bumped! If you want to know more about the bot, run the loa.help command!

Bot Developed by: Ricardolcm Bot Photo Created by: NotDuckyLogy


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