Custom Command#7761

You can create custom Command, set trigger like on reaction and set action like add a role

Getting Started

Login to Discord and add our Bot to your Server with this link Bot Invite.Got to our Webpage and authorize:

Pls check our Docs

since this is outdated


  • Custom Command
  • Auto Mod
  • Reaction Role

Custom Command

with this module you can execute Commands:like kick,ban,role,send ... You can set Trigger on Interval,Message,Reaction ...Check the Custom command

Possible Commands

  • add role/remove role
  • editchannel
  • embed
  • trigger on event like join/leave/reaction add
  • reaction on specfic message
  • rm / purge
  • and much more just scroll down ⏬ If you miss any commands just contact me and it will get added eta 3-4 till command gets added.There is also a possibilty to contribute.Therefore you need discord.js/js knowledge

Possible usage

  • Reaction Role
  • Membercount
  • Join/Message
  • Verify Command
  • Kick command /ban Command
  • much more

Custom Command

With this module you can create commands which has Trigger like Message.

Getting Started

go to Dashboard and select the plugin Custom Command.Then you will get redirected to the File Section.Create a File and open it with the edit Button.

Your First Custom Command

1.Set a trigger Value like hi 2.Enter your code send('hello') 3.Save it 4.send hi--> the Bot will send hello


All Trigger

On Message On Reaction On Join/Leave Interval

Trigger value


type: regex / and /or If u want to use regex.The value must include / / For User who does not have knowledge with regex: There is a alternative: && Trigger: what && name User has to send what and name in his send,else it will not respond. || trigger: send || say User has to send 'send' or 'say' Warning: At the time There is no option to use both || / &&.


Add your emoji to The Field by Using win + period or with this page** you have to copy it. At the time we do not support any SERVER EMOJI.We only support emoji ,that are included in the Unicode standard

Reactions have a Cooldown of 2 seconds,since it would spam our api !


Your value would be Example: add,πŸ‘


Your value would be Example: remove,πŸ‘


Example:πŸ‘ This reacts to both type add and remove

Reaction to a specific message

Your value would be πŸ‘=8966866969989

** This Bot is not affiliated with the Page"emojipedia"


This event does not support minimum Perms/ignore Role.

On Join

If you just want that the cc only get excuted by Joins add the word "add" in the field

On Leave

If you just want that the cc only get excuted by Leaves add the word "leave" in the field


For Both type leave Field empty!



Channels(Only by Message/Reaction Triggertype)

To ignore Channels go to the dropdown and select the Channel you want to ignore.If you just want to run in one channel or some.Press the blue button.The mode will be changed to run only.Select your Channels and your done.

Role(does not work with Interval)

To ignore Role go to the dropdown and select the role you want to ignore.

Minimum Permission

If want that not everyone can execute your custom command go to the Min. perms Dropdown and select the minimum permission to execute the custom command.Check if the Code does not include admin commands like kick ,ban.

Changing File Name:

go to the field(right from the save button).Enter the new Name and save it.

Listen to Bots

The Bot can also listen to Bots.Pls use only this feature,when really you need it.


The Bot supports Cooldown of commands.There is no limit for cooldown since it get saved in the db.You can make a cooldown of 1 year too!.The Cooldown is saved as seconds.

All Commands and more:

Code syntax

The coding language does not exist. It was created by me.Every Value must have ' '.If your code is faulty,it will skip the lines,which it can interpret.


embed('title:Hello,color:random,desc:This is a Embed,url:htt..,icon:.png')

send(message,optional channelid)

This will send a message in the channel you wrote a message
sends a message in the channel with the given id

embed('title:Hello,color:random,desc:This is a Embed,url:htt..,icon:.png')

Example:embed('title:Hello') send a embed with the Title hello
send a embed with the Title hello in the channel with the id

react('emoji','optonial messageid',' optional channelid')

Example: react('πŸ‘')
This will react to the wroten message Example2:send('πŸ‘','67426764476287','65427629699429');
Reacts to the messageid

edit('msg','optonial messageid','channelid')

Example: edit('This message was edited' );
this edits the last message form the bot
edit message by message id

rm('count','optional Channel')

Example:rm(10); !Discord can only delete 100 message , which are not older than 14 days rm(10);Β //delete 10 message in the channel you wrote
delete 20 msg in the channel

purge('optional messageid','channelid')

this deletes the message you sent in 1 second
deletes the message in the channel with the given id after 10 seconds


kick('uid','optional reason');
ban('uid','optional reason');

kick('uid','optional reason')

Example:kick('63563468944','just a test');
kicks the user with the id the Reason would be :Just a test

ban('uid','optional reason')

Example:ban('63563468944','just a test');
bans the user with the id the Reason would be :Just a test


add the role to user
remove the role from the user
Checks if a user has a role.
If he has the role=> bot will remove role
if he hasn't the role=>bot will add role



editchannel is really easy to use just add the channel id adn the newname. You can easily use it as server count by using the variable {membercount} Edit Channel will automatically add a cooldown for 10 minutes!



delay('time in ms')

delay in code for 1 second
!max delay is 10 Second

Using Variable: The System saves Variable of User /Channel and more Using Variable: Variable starts with { and ends with }.


This sends the userid.The system replaces with the userid Correct:{userid} False:{ userid } This will not work and will not get replaced

System Variable:

{userid} // includes the Value of the Person who send the message
{username} // the name of User
{usercreatedat} //Creation Date of User
{channelid} //channelid 
{channelname} //channelname
{messageid} //messageid
{messagecontent} //messagecontent
{membercount} //count of members
{rolecount} //count of roles
{channelcount} //count of channel

There is no restriction for using Variable

Own Variable:

If you want to use your own variables you have to define them first!


Using the Value:

send('{var[0]}'); //result 1.value
send('{var[1]}'); //result 2.value

Value are saved in a array. [i] is the index .The first Variable is saved in [0].The second in [1] and the third in ....

Using Arguments

For example, if you want to use a user's message, you have to use arguments. User:say hi the message get splited in say and hi args[0] say args[1] hi Bot: triggertype: Message trigger: say &&

send('{args[1]}') //sends hi 

The Trigger must include && else it will not response to your message.TRΒ΄he bot supports up to nine arguments


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