This bot has heaps of fun commands, moderation commands! The bots prefix is customizable through a command


A multi-purpose discord bot

  • This bot was coded using JavaScript (Discord.js v12)

  • If you want to report a bug / ask a question, make sure to join the bots support server!

  • The bots default prefix is ?? but the prefix can be changed through a command.

  • This bot has heaps of commands to use!

  • If you want to be able to level up using this bot, just use ??enablelevel

  • For more help, do ??help


Here are all of the available command categories, for more help, do ??help <command>

Fun 8ball ascii avatar base64 binary clap coinflip emoji emojify hack howgay hug invite joke lyrics meme pat ping reverse roledice rps say serverinvite webhook wink

Moderation addrole announce ban clear createrole editsuggestion create hackban kick lock mute removerole tempmute unban unmute vote warn warns

Config antiswear autoresponse disablemute disablelevel disablelvlch disablewelchannel disablewelimg disableweltxt enablelevel enablewelimg leavechannel leavemsg levelchannel memberrole resetwarns setlogs setmute setprefix unantiswear disablelogs welchannel welmsg

Economy bal beg rank

Info botinfo botlists calculate canvacord cat-fact changelogs channelinfo corona discordjs discrim dog-fact emojiinfo fox-fact help mcserverinfo roleinfo serverinfo servers settings snipe stats uptime urban user userinfo ytstats

Animals cat dog fox red-panda

Image changemymind clyde delete enlarge gay trash trigger wasted ytcomment


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