A simple Discord Bot to help you test your HTML Code and edit it.

A simple Discord Bot to help you test your HTML Code and edit it. This bot aims to give you ease of use, especially since the purpose of the bot is to make it easier to generate/render/edit/create html code.

Here is a list of the main/needed commands.

The h:generate Command:
This will give you access to the bot's functionallity. By default, you don't get access until you run this command to avoid api abuse.

The h:add Command:
This command will add a specific tag to the HTML Code. Here is an example:

h:add html -> This will add the tag html to your code. e.g <html></html>
h:add body style="color: red;" -> This will add the tag body to your code with the attribute style=color: red; and the parent by default is html e.g <body style="color: red;"></body>
h:add p --parent body --text Anything you want-> This will add the tag p to your code with no attribute since none is given, but the parent will be body and the text would be Anything you want e.g <p>Anything you want</p>

Take note: You can combine the --parent and --text key with an attribute, for example: h:add style="font-size: 20px;" p --parent body --text Anything you want

The h:raw Command:
This command will allow you to input a snippet of HTML Code via the html codeblock, or via url.

h:raw ```html <html><body></body></html>``` -> This replace your current data with the raw html that you placed.
h:raw --url <url_here> -> This will take the html code of the current page, this does not gurantee a proper looking page, because the bot just takes the html code.

The h:edit Command:
This command will allow you to edit a specific tag/unique tag id (given by the api). These "unique" tags that we're talking about are tags that look like: p_spRTjDlh which is the tags uniqueness. It will be given to you when you add a tag that already exists in the code.

h:edit tag <attributes|class|id|parent|text> <New data> -> This is how you would edit a specific tag

The h:render Command:
This command will render your current html code. If your code came from the h:raw Command where you specified a url, it might not look the same as the site you copied it from. The render command will wait 5 seconds before actually rendering to make sure that most of the page loads.

h:render 1920 1080 -> This will render your code at the resolution, 1920x1080. The max resolution allowed is 3840x2160 which is 4k. h:render full -> This will render the full page and try to stay at the default resolution which is 1920x1080. It might go over that resolution. h:render full 1920 1080 This is the same as the command above, but on this part, you can specify what resolution to try and use when rendering a full page.

Take note: If your page is huge, and you tried to render at 4k and then full, it might take a while to fully render.

Anyways, have fun with the bot!


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