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LiRoBot is a WIP multipurpose bot made by LiRo5221#0001

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Being a server admin can be pretty stressing. We know. You have to keep your community entertained and active, manage the server, moderate, and more. Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to do this without having to invite 10 different bots to your server? Do you also want to be able to invite a small bot to hopefully influence development and get a few commands you can’t find on other bots? Then, you should invite LiRoBot! LiRoBot is a multipurpose bot made by LiRo5221#0001 that includes many commands. It is currently WIP and isnt verified, so inviting it to a server would help a lot! Because its not verified you can only invite it to two server owned by the same user.

We have:

Have a great day and invite LiRoBot!