Poo Bot#9071

A simple moderation bot as well as some simple info commands

List of commands:

  • help - Gives a list of user-based commands
  • help-moderation - Gives a list of moderation-based commands
  • ping - Gives the bots ping
  • info - Gives the bots info
  • serverinfo - Gives the info of the server that the command is typed in
  • uptime - Gives the bots uptime
  • avatar - Gives the selected users avatar
  • bugreport - Will send a bugreport to the bot developer (Has a blacklist function if spammed/abused)
  • userinfo - Gives the user info of the selected user

Moderation commands (Requires a channel named moderation-logs)

  • mute - Mutes the speciifed user with the specified reason
  • unmute - unmutes the specified user
  • kick - Kicks the specified user with the specified reason
  • ban - Bans the specififed user with the specified reason
  • purge - Purges the specified amount of messages
  • addrole - Adds a specified role to a specified person
  • removerole - Removes a specified role from a specified person
  • announce - Makes an announcement (Requires a channel named announcements)
  • status - Allows bot developer to change the bot status


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