Alice Zuberg#6370

A fun and interactive moderation bot!

Featured Commands:

  • Mod logs - at the moment, it logs deleted messages, I am adding more logs to this soon, like members being banned, etc.
  • Warnings System - You can even set logs for Warnings! The bot keeps track of how many times a user was warned! (might move to a more advanced system to actually log the reasons) Interaction commands:
  • Cuddle, kiss, pat, slap are all commands you can use on other people! There are counters to show how many times you have used that command on a certain person :D
  • 25 + Utility commands to try out! Why should you choose Alice, you might ask?
  • Good question! I, the developer and owner, is always working every day to add more features and functionality to the bot to make it better for all the bot users!
  • Bot's code is on Github at
  • Got a suggestion? Join the support Server!


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