Seamless and easy to use Advanced Multipurpose bot, ready to be unleashed into the open sea of Discord!!


  • Sailboat is an advanced Multipurpose bot that offers High-End Moderation, Advanced Logging, Seamless and easy to use verification system & many more features for its users to enjoy. Sailboat was designed to be reliable, free, and easy to use/setup. Our goal is to ensure our users are 100% satisfied with Sailboat, we are open to any suggestions or feedback!! So uhh, whats the prefix?

  • To get the prefix of the bot please run @Sailboat. To get started please run the command s!help to see the list of modules Sailboat has in store for you. And if you would like to change the prefix of the bot, just simply run the command s!setprefix [prefix]

  • Tip: Run s!help -c [command] for more information on a specific command. [] Not Required


  • Information
  • Fun/Games
  • Leveling Soon!
  • Misc
  • Moderation
  • Config/Admin

Super Easy Verification

  • Sailboat comes with an easy to use verification setup, that takes ~2 mins. to setup, cool right!

Seamless Easy To Use Moderation

  • Tired of inputting so many commands just to punish the troublemakers, whelp no need to search far Sailboat has a super easy to use moderation system so you can ban those meanies!

In-depth Information

  • Sailboat offers a lot of info ranging from server to user. So, want to learn more about a guild or member, feel free to invite Sailboat.


  • Sailboat offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and if your not satisficed, you can always kick it from your guild, don't be afraid, we don't judge! We know it sucks, alwaus having to buy premuim for cool features, BUT! We make it all free, no premuim and no paywalls. Every new feature we release is out to the public for them to enojy, so no need to miss out on features that other bots lock behind a paywall.

We keep Sailboat on a reliable Hosting Service so you can enjoy Sailboat's Features all day and night!

Help Sailboat Sail Across The Discord Platform!!


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