A multiple purpose bot with a lot of features like Twitch notifications, welcome images, music and more!

👋 Hey there! I'm a multipurpose Discord bot, including some amazing

features, like leveling, music, economy and media notifications! All this and much more for free! # 📻 You like hearing music? Me too! First you need to join a voice channel the bot should go into. For this use the command ~join. Make sure I'm not in a voice channel yet. You don't want to disturb other people hearing music... Once I joined your voice channel you're good to go. Use ~play to play some amazing songs (or annoying). The music tracks will be added to an queue, which is played in the correct order. You don't link the order? No problem! Use ~shuffle to mix up the queue. Then noone knows where his favorite song was. If you're done with the super mega music party use ~leave to let the bot leave the voice channel. She then also wants to rest a little.

🏆 Who's the most active? Well, what would be a bot without leveling?

Just write some messages and you'll gain experience. If you're in a voice call with your friends, you'll gain experience as well. With a certain amout of xp you reach a level. But don't take it too easy. It's getting harder to reach a level every time! You wan't to check your level? Use ~rank to see your current xp, level and rank. I'll display it to you on a nice image, which you can customise using ~leveling background! If you want to see who is the most active on your server, type in ~leaderboard. This will show you the 10 most annoying users! # 🔔 Ping! You missed the latest stream/video of your favorite content creator? Not anymroe! Add all your favorite streamers to a list using the command ~notifications twitch . The same works with YouTube! Use ~notifications youtube to get notifications from a YouTuber! If you want to see, who you added to your notifications list type in ~notifications list. With the reaction below the message you can toggle between all YouTubers and Streamers. If your favorite streamer banned you from the stream use the same command as you added the streamer: ~notifications twitch . This will remove the streamer from the notifications list! Now you won't be notified if the streamer goes live... For YouTubers its the same, just use **~notifications youtube ** again. You want to ping a role once you're live? Set up custom notification messages for YouTube and Twitch! Use ~notifications message twitch to add a custom message once you're streamers are live! As always, do the same for YouTube: ~notifications message youtube Keep in mind, that this only works for Twitch streamers and YouTube channels. # 🎀 Reaction roles! Reaction roles is a must need for every bot. So how can I set up some? Honestly... It's very easy!

  1. First write the message where your reaction role should go!

  2. Then add a reaction role using ~reaction roles add . In my case `` will be @Male. So I can type in ~reaction roles add @Male

  3. Now you can choose between 3 different types of reaction roles:

  4. The last step is to add your final reaction emoji. Just react to the message you made in step 1!

Now you added your own reaction role! Just repeat the steps for the female reaction role and you're done! # 💡 I have a cool idea! Well, I'm still developing Myra, so if I found a bug or have a cool feature suggestion, please join my Discord and report/suggest i there!


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