The limited Bot#3291

This is my new bot what will assist you in all you do with your server.

Useful Things

<help - Shows this message

<botinfo - Shows info about the bot

<userinfo [@user] - Shows some info about you

<serverinfo - Shows some info about the server

<stats - Shows stuff like CPU, Memory ect

<avatar - Gives you your profile pic

<about - Give a little info about the bot/bots owner

<suggest [suggestion] - Suggest something for the bot

<genpassword [5-30] - Generates you a password


<kill [@user] - kills the mentioned user

<joke - Tells you a Dadjoke

<meme - Sends a meme from r/dankmemes

<gayrate [@user] - Shows how gay the user is

Staff Commands

<mute [@user] - Mutes the mentioned user

<unmute [@user] - UnMutes the mentioned user

<ban [@user] [reason] - Bans the mentioned user

<kick [@user] - Kicks the mentioned user

<clear [1-100] - Clears the amount of messages (max 100)

Many more commands if you do <help or look here


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