Platinum is a modular bot that has features like anti hoist, tickets, tags, and server verification (text captchas).


Platinum is a unique modular bot that brings essential and detailed features to your Discord server. Scroll down to learn more about what Platinum can do for your server.


Anti Hoist< prevents people from stealing the top spot on your member list by adding a special character to the start of their name.

Server Verification lets you protect your server with a powerful server verification module that sends an image of text that the user needs to repeat to verify.

Tickets enables your users contact your Staff team in their own custom text channel that is close able for when their problem is solved.

Tags solves the problem of requiring your Staff team to type out the same copied text snippets over and over again by letting you save responses in tags.

Suggestions allows users to suggest things with a command, and then have the response from admins be edited in to the suggestion message.


All bot commands and features are documented on the support website here. Check out there bot commands page through the sidebar to see the configuration commands.


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