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From Leveling, Starboards, to Reaction Roles. RICEBALL is a high quality, aesthetically pleasing bot with easy to use commands.

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Introducing Rice Ball Bot: A high quality, aesthetically pleasing Discord Bot with lots of customization.

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Note: Rice Ball is still in development and therefore some features may not be 100% complete.


Rice Ball’s Leveling System is equipped with the all the configurations needed to suit your community!

Level Cards

When we say customizable, that is no joke. Rice Ball allows users to truly personalize their level cards to their hearts content:

Default Leveling Card:

default level card

Example of possible customization:

customized level card

Level Rewards

Reward active users by adding level rewards to your server!

enter image description here

Lots, lots, more!

Rice Ball has many more useful features that can help manage your wonderful community:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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