Alan da Frog#7282

A bot with unending possibilities. Everything from advanced facial analysis to searching YouTube

Utility Commands

Commands Description
.face [attached img/link] Uses AI to detect facial features - Demonstration
.yt [video] Searches YouTube - Demonstration
.yt_stat [channel name] Finds a YouTube channels statistics - Demonstration
.weather [place] Shows the weather - Demonstration
.define [word] Defines a word using the Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Demonstration
.poll [Point], [option1], [option2] Poll
.vote [option1], [option2] Vote

Fun Commands

Commands Description
.meme Posts a meme
.wholesome Posts a wholesome meme
.showerthought Posts something to think about in the shower
.count Cross server counting
.roll Dice roller - .help_roll
.eight_ball [question] Ask and you will receive
.ship [name1], [name2] Matchmaking
.duel @user A good ol fashion duel
.hug @user We all need a hug
.slap @user When someone tests your nerves
.punch @user When someone tells you frogs are not the best


Commands Description
.setprefix [prefix] Change Bot Prefix
.clear [int] Clears messages using [int] as the limit
.lock Locks the channel so that nobody can chat in it
.mute @user Mutes the user in the entire server
.kick @user When someone breaks one too many rules
.ban @user When someone posts a meme in #general
.del_role @role Deletes role
.slow [int] Slowmode


Commands Description
.help Shows bot commands list
.support Posts the link for the bot support server
.servers Lists the number of servers the bot is in
.invite Posts a link to this page
.changelog Shows the bot changelog
.donate Posts Patreon link


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