A bot that features economy, i.e. leveling up. Has a fully functional dashboard

This bot is currently unlisted from the site. You may still access its pages but new users will not be able to find it.

FifaBot Bot

Do you have any more questions about the bot? Send a DM to A Trash Coder#0214 or join the support server.

Why did I make this bot?

I made this bot for use in the Official MattHDGamer discord server, but many people liked the different features of the bot so i decided to make it public, for use for all


General Commands

Name Description
time Shows the time in a timezone
about Shows bot information
dashboard Sends info on the dashboard
suggest Sends a server suggestion
socials Sends MattHDGamer's Socials
rules Sends bot rules
prefix Returns the current prefix which the bot uses in your server

Fun Commands

Name Description
device Checks the users status
serverinfo Get the server info
roleinfo Shows information on a role
userinfo Shows information on a user
avatar Shows a users avatar
8ball Sends a message back on a question
meme Sends a meme from reddit
beans Sends a beans meme from reddit
dub Sends a dub meme
setbio Sets a users bio shown in !userinfo
ce Create a custom embed using flags
translate Translate something to another language
map Get a map of a location

Economy Commands

Name Description
bal Shows a users balance
leaderboard Shows the top 10 users for level, then by coins
work Get your paycheck for working
daily Gives a user their daily allowance of coins
pay Pays a user coins from your bank
bonus Claim your bonus!
items Shows your inventory
job View the available jobs, their requirements, and their pay

Shop Commands (Economy)

Name Description
role Shows the role shop
packs Shows different shop packs
shop Shows the item shop for the server
buy Pre-Command to buy a shop item

Mini-Game Commands (Economy)

Name Description
rps Try your luck at rock, paper, scissors
slots Try your luck at slots
diceroll Try your luck at dice

Moderation Commands

Name Description
setmodlog Sets the modlog for the guild.
ban Bans the specified member.
kick Kicks the specified member.
warn Warns the specified member.
delwarn Deletes a specified warn
warns Shows a users warns
purge Purges the specified amount of messages.
mute Mutes the specified member.
unmute Un-mutes the specified member.
raidmode Commands to turn raidmode on and off

Custom Commands

Name Description
levelrolesetup Sets up level roles
logignore Ignore a channel for logging events
disable Disables a command
enable Enables a command
setprefix Sets the guild prefix
setsuggestch Set the suggestion channel


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