Orli PM#5036

Agile Project Management, Scrum bot for Discord: asynchronous daily standup meetings and task list, automatic reporting, retrospectives.

Orli - Scrum Daily PM Bot for Discord


Are you looking for a project management bot for Discord to keep you on top of your work? 

Do you have a distributed team and you want to collaborate with minimum of interactions, in your own time zones?

Do you think some meetings are a waste of time and you need a solution to get that time back in your day?


We are a distributed team that one day got tired of wasting time in meetings and decided to work on our own terms: asynchronous. So we created Orli:

  • Plan work
  • Asynchronous daily standup
  • Automatic reporting
  • Asynchronous retrospective

Do you use a project management tool?

Orli integrates with Jira, Trello, Notion, GitHub, GitLab, YouTrack and Monday.com


How it works:

  • every morning, Orli pings you to plan your day (gif on how to report the daily)
  • Orli updates your tasks (gif to task list and PM tools update)
  • Orli shares the info with your colleagues (gif with the reports pop-ing in from the full team)
  • Orli shares automatic performance reports (gif on the report popin up)
  • Improve processes (when you feel things don't work fine, gather team feedback, anonymously) (gif on the retro, how it works)

Got questions, feature requests, or want to share your Orli experience? Join our Discord server. We are (almost) always online.

How to get started with Orli?

 Watch this getting started video 

In your Discord server 

  1.  Set the channel you want Orli to reply:
    !orli-daily-configure change-channel add-your-exact-channel-name
  2. Add yourself to the Daily:
    !orli-daily-configure add-user @you 
  3. Change your timezone (in UTC)
    !orli-daily-configure change-time-zone +2.5
  4. Change start time (first reminder Orli sends) for your time now + 1 min
    !orli-daily-configure change-daily-start 16:37
  5. Wait for 1 min, and Orli will send you a Direct Message for your to report your Daily in Direct message to Orli
  6. Write and don’t get overwhelmed by the long answer:
  7. Reply to “Your Daily” message by pasting this test Daily report: done Installed Orli on my Discord Server this is my first time reporting Daily using Orli worked todo watch quick start video Follow the #announcements channel in the Orli Support channel to get notified of their Tuesday releases blockers I need to get my head around how Orli works meetings Join the Orli team on Fridays for Office Hours (3 PM CET/9 AM EST)
  8. Send, and you should see the preview message updated. Click the plane emoji to send your Daily. In your Discord server
  9. Check the DailyStandup Channel on your Discord server on how the team will view your first Daily report.
  10. Write in the same channel:
    this is the report Orli sends every Fri, 4 PM, server time.
  11. Set the timeframe you want your team to respond to the daily, the participants, every participant’s timezone. You can see the commands on !help and ask anything in the #support channel.

Type !help to see the full list of commands and use the reaction buttons to navigate throught the pages.

Modify the reminder times for Daily, participants, questions, etc. Check the step by step guide on our #Getting-Started channel Orli is preconfigured with all the settings you need, you can simply see the settings and update them to your needs follow the steps from each Help page. 

Note: Make sure the team members “Allow direct messages from server members” https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/217916488. Want to learn more about Discord for Business and Agile, subscribe to our YouTube channel - new videos every Tuesday.



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