An epic multi-purpose Discord bot within powerful commands/functions.

Draconian Discord Bot

Draconian Discord bot is an epic multi-purpose bot, which is very powerful and contains rich functions below.
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Our Bot Features:

Draconian Discord Bot offers:

  • 🔋 24/7 Full Uptime with high stability
  • 😃 Easy to use
  • ⚙ Per-Server Settings
  • 👍 Fast command responses
  • 👮 Powerful Moderation Commands
  • 🎉 Giveaways Commands
  • 📁 Persistent Database based in Enmap
  • 🚀 Support for different languages(Coming Soon)
⚠Admin Permission needed for Moderation commands

We have more than 80 commands in this bot, and they are featured and having 8 main categories

  • Customization Functions: setprefix and more coming soon!
  • 🎁 Giveaways: gstart, gend, greroll
  • 📁 Info: help, uptime, vote, channel, stats, whois, and 5 more!
  • 🌠 Images: cat, changemymind, gay, trigger, circle, and 7 more!
  • Fun: 8ball, reverse, snipe, and 4 more!
  • 🎵 Music: play, loop, skip, stop, jumpto, volume, and 4 more!
  • 🔒 Moderation: ban, kick, warn, mute, createchannel, createemoji, and 9 more!
  • 🔌 Utility: weather, aes256, embed, enlarge, and 4 more!

Screenshots and Examples

You can see those command examples and screenshots here


If met any issues, go here to report bug and create new issue for supporting

Github Repository

Draconian Made by Koolisw, project Here

Self-Hosting & Development


  • Node.js v12.x or upper
  • Python (For Advanced Music feature)


  • If you are not using Discord Bot lists and top.gg, delete files from handlers/dbl-loader.js / events/dbl/all-files and removes all codes from index.js with //
  • If you are using Top.gg bot lists API, u need to delete // from commands lines from index.js
  • If you are not using .env supported hosters, please add code require('dotenv').config() to the top of the code from index.js, shard.js and other place are needed to use process.env.(stuff)
  1. To get Draconian ready to run locally, the first step is to clone this repository onto the machine you wish to run it on.
  2. Node.js version 12 or newer is recommended to run Draconian since we are using Discord.js v12
  3. Use NPM to install the dependencies from the project folder: npm install
  4. Edit/create the file .env (or your hoster's provided environment secret) and insert your bot token in TOKEN value.
  5. Start the bot from the project folder: node shard.js
  6. Open http://localhost:8080/ or your project URL to view the http output.


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