Vertex Discord bot. Moderation, Utility, Economy, Server Handling, all in one modules for ultimate control.

Vertex is a simple and effective discord bot. It had modules for ultimate server control. It has all the moderation commands and tools you need. It also has utility and fun commands. Lots of updates are yet to come, meaning tons of more commands.

Some of the utility commands:

Commands Descriptions
+help Help message.
+ping Shows bot ping.
+serverinfo Shows server information.
+whois Shows user information.
+invite Shows bot invites and links.
+modules View all modules’ statuses.
+bug Report a bug.

Here are some of the moderation commands:

Commands Descriptions
+menable Enables moderation module.
+mdisable Disables moderation module.
+kick Kicks a member.
+ban Bans a member.
+mute Mutes a member.
+unmute Unmutes a member.
+addmod Gives vertex mod perms to a member.
+delmod Takes away vertex mod perms from a member.
+moderators Lets you view all moderators (up to 10)

Server handling commands:

Commands Descriptions
+senable Enables server handling module.
+sdisable Disables server handling module.
+addchannel Creates a channel.
+delchannel Deletes a channel.
+createrole Makes a role.
+giverole Gives a role to a user.
+takerole Takes a role from a user.

Here is the custom captcha system:

Commands Descriptions
+cenable Enables captcha module.
+cdisable Disables captcha module.
+cchannel Sets captcha channel.
+ccrole Sets given captcha role.
+cinfo Lets you view all captcha info.

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