Venoxity is a multi-purpose bot featuring a web dashboard, music system, moderation commands, logging and more! Venoxity has a priority of performance, design and quality.


The advanced, yet simple multi-purpose bot!

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Getting Started with Venoxity

As a new Discord user, you may be wondering how to get started with using Venoxity, right? Follow this very simple guide:

  • Invite Venoxity to your server using the invite link provided on this page. Alternatively you can invite it from our Web Dashboard by navigating to a server which does not have Venoxity present.
  • Ensure Venoxity has been granted permissions to Send Messages and Embed Links (minimum) for the basics of the bot to work. Additional permissions may be required on specific commands.
  • Once Venoxity is invited to your server, you can proceed to configuring the bot via our Web Dashboard by navigating to the server you wish to configure. From here, you will see very simple textboxes and dropdown menus to configure the bot to your likings.
  • For additional commands you may find useful, you can use our command in any text channel to view a help menu.


Venoxity is a new project started by Missy after gaining plenty of experience in programming. This is the first bot developed by Missy which has a Web Dashboard and Music System. Missy wants to make a multi-purpose bot and the best part is that Missy focuses on performance and quality, meaning none of the features are rushed.


Here is a list of the all the usable commands you can use in text channels.


v.leaderboard v.logo v.score

General v.rank v.levels


v.ban v.hackban v.infractions v.kick v.mute v.reason v.snipe v.unban v.unmute v.warn


v.bassboost v.loop v.pause v.queue v.resume v.shuffle v.skip v.stop v.volume



Utility v.server v.whois

Why Venoxity?

We provide high quality features for free, such as our music system hosted with Lavalink and IP rotation enabled to ensure your music is not interrupted! We do have VIP features however which just expands our current features and helps to support us.


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