MineTools is a new bot inspired by minecraft this new bot has and information commands about the game like minigame commands and more.

MINETOOLS (Discord Bot of Minecraft Game)

This is a new bot inspired by the minecraft worlds, in the bot we have both game information commands with stats and more as well as commands to see skin mini-games, Soon you will have a small economy based on the minecraft game.

COMMAND LIST : Below are the commands that the bot has in version v1.0 you can see all the commands using m!help.

BOT INFO COMMANDS m!invite - Send the link to invite the bot to your server.

m!support - Send the link of the support server.

m!ping - Send the bot ping.

m!info - Send bot info.

m!discord - Send server info.

@Minetools - Respond with bot prefix.

MINECRAFT COMMANDS m!render - Send an image of the skin according to the nickname indicated.

m!skin - Send the skin in flat format.

m!head - Send a picture of the player's head.

m!avatar - Send an avatar with the skin.

m!server - Send a photo in the server list according to the indicated IP.

m!achievement - Submit a random achievement.

m!gamepedia - Shows the official minecraft gamepedia.

m!randomseed - Send a seed random to play.

m!rps - Play Rock Paper or Scissors, just by putting the command plus your choice.

m!colors - Send all the color codes.

m!build idea - Send a idea to build in your survival!

m!cursed - Send a random minecraft cursed image.

MINECRAFT INFO COMMANDS m!mobs - Send the list of mobs of the game according to its category.

m!tools - Send the list of game tools according to their category.

m!mob (mob) - With this command you can see more information about a specific mob.

m!tool (tool) - With this command you can see more information about a specific tool.


Use m!economy help to view all commands.


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