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Interstellar is the most advanced and feature-rich space discord bot on Discord.

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If you’re looking for Images, they’re at the bottom. :)


Interstellar is built to be the most advanced and feature-rich Discord Bot for Space and Astronomy enthusiasts all around. Whether you want to look at some pretty pictures, plan out a mission obsessively, or view the latest rocket launches, Interstellar has got you covered. It’s wide feature set will allow you to do everything space releated with ease, and it is completely free to use.

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So what can it do?

How do I use it?

Invite Interstellar to your discord. Yep, that’s all it takes to get them setup.
Interstellar’s prefix is is!. You can get a full list of commands and their arguments by running is!help. A full command list can be found here.
Interstellar is updated constantly by its developers, meaning new commands are added all the time. If you want to keep up to date, join Interstellar’s Support Discord to receive daily updates.

If you wish to use Launch Reminders or have Interstellar automatically post the Astronomy Picture of The Day, then you need to go first to Interstellar’s Website. Log in via Discord, and once you’re logged in click your name on the top-right. This will guide you to a list of all discord servers you own. Pick the one you want to edit, and set it up. Interstellar will automatically remember your settings and apply them immediently. Cool, right?

Where can I suggest features or report bugs?

Just shout out your ideas in Interstellar’s Support Discord and I’ll happily listen. Alternatively, you can use what I use which is Interstellar’s Gitlab Page.
Interstellar’s Gitlab Page is where you can keep track of what I’m adding, when I’m adding it, and how far along I am in adding it. You can easily make a issue there to suggest a feature or report a bug.


While Interstellar is completely free to use, it is far from free to maintain. I have to pay for server costs, both for the website and actual bot, along with maintain it and add new features. This can get quite expensive, so it would be appreciated if you were to leave a donation at my Buy Me a Coffee. It would seriously help me a lot. <3

I’m more of a visual learner. Any pictures?

Absolutely! Here you go!
Interstellar's Launch Reminders
Interstellar's APOD Posts
Viewing a picture from Curiosity from SOL 1500
Viewing a picture of the Blue Marble via the EPIC camera
Viewing information about Saturn
Some information about the Hubble Space Telescope
Viewing the Delta-V to get somewhere
Calculating the Delta-V of a vehicle

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