My Darling Mom#2401

Moderation, Utilities, Image Manipulation, Entertainment,My Darling Mom is the Perfect discord bot for your server.

type 1help for the list of commands.


  • 40 Moderating commands in total

Make your server safer with our 40 currently avaiable moderation commands! type 1help for list of cofing commands that'll help you keep your server intact with:

  • User Managment commands
  • Server Managment commands

Config / Auto-moderator

  • Type 1b disable to disable all moderation commands
  • Type 1link on to enable anti-link on your server!
  • More auto-moderation coming soon!

Server Specifications

Improve your server's looks with:

  • Welcome/leave messeges
  • Set afk commands
  • Poll & Giveaway commands

Image manipulation

Have fun with your friends with our API Image manipulation commands. for example make someone gay by typing 1gay (user).


You can engage with our bot in a small talk! by mentioning and asking a question to a bot! (doesn't work when not mentioned)


Fight with your friends over our server-sided currency! (Economy Beta v0.1)


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