Level ME#3823

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!lang Lang Setting. New!

!openLevel You Open The Level System.

!closeLevel You Close The Level System.

!levelMessage You Set Your Level Message.

!levelMessage default You Reset the Level Message.

!levelLogChannel You Set Your Level Channel.

!levelLogChannel reset You Reset the Level Channel.

!levelMessageType You Choose Level Message Type.

!xpChannelOn If You Have Closed XP and Level Up On The Specified Channel, You Will Turn İt Back On.

!xpChannelOff You'll Turn Off XP Gaining and Level Up on the Specified Channel.

!xpOffChannels Shows xpKanalOff Channels.

!addRank Used To Add Level Rewards.

!removeRank Used To Remove Level Rewards.

!xpSetting You Set The XP Delivery Rate New!

!xpSetting default You Make The XP Transmission Rate The Default. New!

!ranks / !rewards Shows Level Rewards.

!leaderboard Shows Leaderboard.

!rank User Level Information.


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