Every mod command i have , do my best to grow your server with a dashboard

Vapor Bot

What the bot helps with

That bot will help your server grow , and catch scammers , bot logs everythings , mute , bans , softbans , unmutes , and so on , he logs the commands which used from him

Why you should vapor

Vapor is multi purpose bot which have the following sections! :

1. This bot is multi purpose, have much things , but the most , important which we focus about it is moderating get success moderated server you will need vapor bot

3.logs every ban , mute , unmute , ban , etc... commands

4.know who banned that guy or muted etc..

5.tells you how much bans , warns. kicks that guy have

6 random welcome message and leave messages!

7 anti spam , swearing and spamming links!

For more informations Do v!help <command_name>

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