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A discord bot based on multiple languages. Moderation, Music and much more.

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Wumpus is a Discord bot that can be put in English and German.

Tired of entering so many commands? If so, then Wumpus is for you! The help command can be controlled with reactions, for example.

● invite ● vote ● setlang ● setprefix ● setdevannounce ● removedevannounce ● support ● info
● say ● clap ● 8ball ● dog ● cat ● achievement ● deepfry ● phcomment ● magik ● trash ● clyde ● tweet ● trumptweet ● captcha ● emojify
● ban ● unban ● kick ● clear ● serverinfo ● userinfo
Only voters
● setflashchannel ● deleteflashchannel ● setautodeletechannel ● resetautodeletechannel
● enlarge ● ascii ● avatar
Mini Games
● minesweeper ● flip

If you are wondering why there are so few orders at the moment, I have the answer: Wumpus is currently still in the construction phase but that doesn’t mean that you can’t invite the bot! If you invite Wumpus you can also watch him as he develops.