Alt Detector#1332

A simple to use alt detector bot for your server!

!The bot notifies staff The fetchalts command

Remember those times? Infoing each and every new joining members and making sure they are not an alternative account? Well those times will be gone with this bot being configured on your server. This bot will automatically log the information about joining members, and it will notify the staff if any suspicious accounts which can potentially be alts, join.

The bot also traces the user whose invite was used by the account to join your server. To enable that, you must allow the manage server permission to the bot.

The most amazing feature is that the setup is no more than 1 command!

  • (admin only)ad!setchannel [#channel/channel_id]: This command sets the channel to log the member joins.

Moreover, you can even customize or modify the security!

  • (admin only)ad!setnotify [@role/role_id]: This command sets the role the bot would ping in case any account younger than 7(customizable) days join.
  • (admin only)ad!setage [days]:(requires the notify role to be setup first!) This command will allow you to customize the number of days the bot uses as minimum age for a user account, if any account younger than that joins, the bot will ping the notify role.(default value: 7) To add another layer of security, the bot can even do a quick search for alts in your server and it can fetch you the list!
  • (admin only)ad!fetchalts [days]: This command will fetch the list of members which are younger than the number of days given in the [days] argument.

This way your staff team can easily access data about every member join and the user who invited the new member just by scrolling in a channel. Neat? Huh?

Use ad!help for more commands!


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