Aspire is an easy multipurpose bot compacted with all the tools you need, varying features from Mod Configs, Utility, powerful Music system, Fun Games as well as a Tag system & much more!

Aspire is an easy multi-purpose bot that comes with simple and distinctive settings, as well as Moderation, Music, Tags System, Voice Channel Activities, and much more! Tags may be quite useful for rapidly referencing messages. The goal is to provide you with all of the tools you need to construct your community!

Overview: Bugs Squashed, Features Added, Future Plans (check the support server). 2 more useful configs have been added, this includes announcement Auto Publishing & You Guess :) - v5.3.2

Including Features:

  • User/Guild Statistics.
  • Animals/Images /w Facts.
  • Custom Tags System.
  • Modernized (mod) Configuration.
  • More Voice Channel Activities.
  • Reliable & powerful Music System.
  • Ignore Channels/Roles Configs.
  • URL Shorteners /w custom endpoints.
  • Slash Commands, Buttons.

Latest Update v5.3.2:

  • Buttons have been added to animal commands to find a new image & fact.
  • Added Auto Publishing & a Guild Access gate.
  • Errors are more simplified.
  • Google command has been rebranded.
  • Music queue crashes has now been resolved. Even added bassboost.
  • Fixed emote count errors in serverinfo command.
  • Worked on delays & internal structures.
  • New help menu for mod configuration.

Additional Notes:


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