šŸŽµ Aura is a multilanguage Brazilian bot with a focus in Music. šŸŒø

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šŸŽµ Greetings! I am Aura, a brazilian bot with focus in Music commands. šŸŒø

List of Commands šŸ’»

šŸ„€ Here are all my available commands. For more information type a!help <command>

šŸ”“ General (6)

  • a!help - Send the list of commands to the user.
  • a!invite - Send the invitation and the Support Server in the user's private.
  • a!ping - Show my latency.
  • a!svs - It shows how many servers I am on..
  • a!cleardm - Clears the history of direct messages from Aura.
  • a!privacy - Displays Aura's privacy policy.

šŸŽµ Music (4)

  • a!lastfm - View information about a Last.FM profile.
  • a!nowplaying - Shows information about the music playing at the moment.
  • a!queue - Shows the current music queue.
  • a!lyrics - Shows the lyrics of a specific song.

šŸŽµ Music DJ (10)

  • a!play - Add a song to the list to play..
  • a!search - Look for a song from YouTube. If you want it to play, just react to the emoji.
  • a!bassboost - Deafen your friends with the powerful sound amplifier.
  • a!volume - Change the volume or show the current volume of the song.
  • a!pause - Pause the reproduction.
  • a!resume - Resume the reproduction.
  • a!shuffle - Mix the order of the songs in the list.
  • a!stop - Stop the reproduction of the current song.
  • a!skip - Skip the current song.
  • a!leave - Disconnects from the voice channel and deletes the music queue.

šŸŒø Configuration (1)

  • a!setlang - Change the guild language.


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