Hi! I'm AlbedoBot and I'm a bot based on music and song search on spotify and more!


Spotify API Commands Description
a?song (Song Name) Search for a song on Spotify.
a?artists (Artists Name) Search for an artist on Spotify.
a?album Search for an album on Spotify.
Music Commands Description
a?play (Song Name or URL) Adds a song to the queue.
a?pause Pauses the currently playing song.
a?skip Skips the song that is currently playing.
a?status Shows the current status of the music.
a?volume [1-10] Changes the volume.
a?shuffle Shuffles the current queue of songs
a?resume Resumes the currently playing song.
a?queue [page] Lists the queued songs.
General Commands Description
a?stats Displays statistics about the bot.
a?commands Sends a list of all commands!
a?feedback You can give the devs your feedback on the bot! And suggest new things for it! [upvoter only]
a?invite Responds with Sunflower invite links.
a?uptime Tells you how long the I've been running consistently!
Info Commands Description
a?avatar Shows the avatar of the specified user or yourself!
a?channel Displays all channels of the server, or gives information on a channel!
a?userperms Displays a user's permissions.
a?emoji Makes your given emoji bigger, or sends all your server emojis!
a?inrole Gets all the members from a given role!
a?role Shows detailed description of a role or lists all roles!
a?server Shows some in-depth description for your server!
a?user Shows details about a user!


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