Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot mostly known for its card currency game, but it also has some utility features and moderation features.

Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot. Run zb:help to learn the commands, or get help on a specific command/category. The prefix may vary from server to server as the prefix can be changed. Ping the bot for the prefix.

The bot is mostly known for its card currency game, which features three types of currencies and 11 different cards, and with plenty more to come in the future. In this game, you can get more stars, crowns, or specials(the currencies in the game). You can also interact with friends or other players by giving them different currencies, or maybe even hacking them(You might get caught but it might be worth it). There is also a mall that allows you to deposit stars, convert between currencies, and gamble. You can also buy gift cards at the mall, maybe there’s even a secret destructive feature with them?

There are also some utility features such as setting timers and checking information on roles/channels/users etc. Finally, there are some moderation features such as purging, kicking and banning.

Hope this bot will be helpful or fun!


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