Meepo, A Multi-Purpose discord bot that will improve your server by miles! (Utility, Fun, Moderation, Stats)

Meet Meepo! A multi-funtion discord bot, that will improve your server by miles!

Lets take you step by step through all of Meepo's commands! You might also want to do ??setup Before any commands!

Utility Commands (Usage: ??help utility)

  • Slowmode (slowmodeDelay) > Enables slowmode in the executed channel (0 > OFF > 1 Second - 21000 Seconds)

Example: ??slowmode 5

  • Joined (User,UserID) > Shows when the user joined your amazing guild!

Example: ??joined @ExampleUser#1992

  • Setnick (User,UserID) (NewNickname) > Applies a nickname to the selected user of choice.

Example: ??setnick @ExampleUser#1992 TestNick

  • Yesorno (Question) > Create a miniPoll with a yes or no reaction.

Example: ??yesorno Am i cool?

  • Poll (Question) > Creates a Poll with three reactions, 1,2,3.

Example: ??poll Option1 Option2 Option3

  • Threechoice (Question) > Create a miniPoll with three reactions, tick, middle, no.

Example: ??threechoice Is meepo a good bot?

  • Serverinfo > Shows very detailed information about the guild your in, Shows Members, Booster Count etc.

Example: ??serverinfo

  • Userinfo (User,UserID) > Shows very detailed inforation about the user, Animated Icon?, Boosting since etc.

Example: ??userinfo @ExampleUser#1992

  • Avatar (User,UserID) > Preview the bot/user's avatar.

Example: ??avatar @ExampleUser#1992

  • Addrole (User,UserID) (RoleName) > Add the user to the specified role.

Example: ??addrole @ExampleUser#1992 Admin

  • Removerole (User,UserID) (RoleName) > Removes the role from the specified user.

Example: ??removerole @ExampleUser#1992 Admin

  • Say (Message) > Returns your text, but from Meepo.

Example: ??say Hello! How are you!

  • Servericon > Preview the current guild's icon.

Example: ??servericon

  • Createchannel (Name) > Creates a TextChannel with the name you provided.

Example: ??createchannel noob

  • Deletechannel (Name) > Delete the TextChannel with the name you provided.

Example: ??deletechannel noob

  • Cinfo > Gives information about the current channel your in.

Example: ??cinfo

  • Serverprefix (prefix) > Change the bots prefix in your guild.

Example: ??serverprefix .

Fun Commands (Usage: ??help fun)

  • Punch (User) > Gives that user a hard punch! :3

Example: ??punch @ExampleUser#1992

  • Slap (User) > Slaps that user on the face!

Example: ??slap @ExampleUser#1992

  • Shoot (User) > Shoots that user -_(--)/-

Example: ??shoot @ExampleUser#1992

  • Hug (User) > Gives that user a random hug! awhh xoxo

Example: ??hug @ExampleUser#1992

  • Slots > Play a bad version of the slots!

Example: ??slots

  • Choose (arg1 arg2 arg3) > Makes the bot choose a random choice!

Example: ??choose Me You Them

  • Meme > Shows a random reddit meme.

Example: ??meme

  • Dankmeme > Shows a random dankmeme.

Example: ??dankmeme

  • Joke > Shows a pretty bad joke xd.

Example: ??joke

  • Add (Number1 Number2) > Adds the two numbers together.

Example: ??add 500 100

  • 8Ball (Question) > What may the magic 8ball say!

Example: ??8ball will i survive another day?

  • Search (Query) > Searches up the video on YouTube.

Example: ??search Adele - Hello

  • Google (Query) > Google Something!

Example: ??google The Sun

  • Setprofile > Start to setup a imaginary character for your profile!

Example: ??setprofile

  • Profile (User) > Shows yours/others profiles!

Example: ??profile / ??profile @ExampleUser#1992

  • Owo (Text) > OwOify your text!

Example: ??owo hello how are you :3

Moderation Commands (Usage: ??help moderation)

  • Ban (User,UserID) (BanReason) > Removes that user from the server.

Example: ??ban @ExampleUser#1992 Being Bad Boi.

  • Kick (User,UserID) (KickReason) > Kicks that user from the server.

Example: ??kick @ExampleUser#1992 Cya!

  • Warn/Warnuser (User,UserID) (Reason) > Warns that user by sending them a DM.

Example: ??warnuser @ExampleUser#1992 Spamming.

  • Mute (User) > Mutes the user.

Example: ??mute @ExampleUser#1992

  • Unmute (User) > Unmutes the user.

Example: ??unmute @ExampleUser#1992

Stat Commands (Usage: ??help stats)

  • Covid > Shows the world-wide COVID-19 Statistics.

Example: ??covid

  • Bitcoin > Shows the current value of the bitcoin.

Example: ??bitcoin

Giveaway Commands (Usage: ??help giveaways)

  • Startgiveaway (Days) (Winners) (Date-Finishing) (Prize) > Starts a giveaway people can enter!

Example: ??startgiveaway 1 5 19/9/2019 x5 Steam Keys

  • Winner (GiveawayMessageID) (Amount of winners) > Ends the giveaway and picks the users randomly!

Example: ??winner [GIVEAWAY-MESSAGE-ID-HERE] 5


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