Integrates Discord/Twitch for cross platform currency. Utilities commands, currency/economy commands and more!


Leviathan Bot

Before we start, THIS BOT IS SAFE FOR WORK. It does have NSFW commands, which will ONLY work in a NSFW channel or a whitelisted channel, by using n.add! You are safe, dont worry.

Now that's out of the way, heres more details. This bot is made using Js, using d.js library.

It is a Multiuse bot with tools that can be fun to use in large servers.

Add this bot to your server!

Simply click HERE to add it.

For you to use this bot on Twitch as well, click here for more info Jump

Visual Tutorial Jump

Admin tools:

  • Purge commands for user messages
  • Clear bot messages


  • Twitch/Discord Minigames crossplatform!
  • User info as well as account creation date for identifying alts
  • Poll commands
  • Quoter
  • 8Ball/Should i?
  • Tags
  • Reminder


  • Balance
  • Gamble
  • Boss Fights

Incoming features/Work in Progress:

  • Emotes database so you can use emotes via the bot without nitro
  • Public analytics
  • Redeeming points (configurable per server) with perks and packages! (examples: join sub servers, do a flip, try a new cookie!)

Need support?

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This bot stores the following data:

  • The Channel ID(which is used for whitelist and ONLY added when you do n.add)
  • Emotes that you post in chat
  • Amount of times you used the commands (analytics)
  • The guild ID for moderation log purposes to prevent api abuse(constantly kicking/adding bot)

Remove permission Administrator if you wish, or leave it as is. Administrator is NOT required, though you wont have any permission problems with the bot

Discord Commands Jump

Twitch Commands Jump

Tutorial JUMP

Twitch Information :

This bot is capable of doing cross currency between Discord and Twitch. Meaning the points you are awarded from minigames and other rewards are able to be used between both platforms. If you earn 20 coins, you get those 20 coins both on twitch and discord. (shop and others incoming soon enough).

  • To get started, head over to the TWITCH, then go in CHAT(even if offline), and type n.subscribe
  • After it has been added, type anything in your stream chat to check if the bot replies to it (it will register you on the first message you send), alternatively, try n.test to see if the bot is properly placed in your chat.
  • That's it, users are now able to do the commands listed in the Minigame section and spend those points across your Discord and your Stream chat!
  • Remember that 'n.command' may be detected as a link, users are able to use 'n. gamble' , with spaces in between to avoid that if you have links disallowed in your chat!


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