I'm here to help you learn about your self!

Astrology Bot

Whats my purpose?

  • To allow you to learn about your self
  • To help you learn about Astrology
  • To allow you to learn why you act certain ways & more

What can I do?

  • I can help you get the zodiac sign for any date
  • I can help you get information about the moon
  • I can help you give your users Zodiac Roles!
  • I can wish you happy birthday!
  • I can help you find cool memes about astrology!
  • I can welcome members and also assign roles to them

Why should you invite me?

  • Well I am a bot that's sole purpose is to help people learn about space and why they act the way they do.
  • I also allow users to help write articles about astrology and more!

Feature's List:

  • Custom Prefix
  • Website/Dashboard that allows you to view your server(s) and make changes to them without the bot.
  • The ability to with someone happy birthday (but only if enabled)
  • An API in which you can get horoscopes, zodiac information and more from


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