A bot that allows you to publish announcements to all Discord servers that follow you


FollowBot is a bot designed to make announcement channels available to everyone. Currently, Discord has an announcement channel feature - but it's only available to certain partnered/verified servers. You've probably seen an announcement channel before, they're the ones with a 📣 next to them.

Discord announcement channel example

With FollowBot, any server can setup an announcement channel, follow other channels, and publish updates.

Setting Up

Setting up an announcement channel is easy, using only the -setup command. This command will set up your channel as a FollowBot announcement channel, and give you a code that other servers can follow you with. But that's not all, the code is customizable! You can use the -code command in your announcement channel (with a new code specified) to make the follow code whatever you want!


You can publish any messages sent in your announcement channel using the -publish command. You can use it in whatever channel, as long as you specify the follow code and the message ID. If you're confused, there's an example in the FollowBot Support Server.


Anyone with the Manage Server or Manage Webhooks permission can use the -follow command to follow a FollowBot announcement channel. Once this is set up, any announcements posted by the channel you followed will be sent to the channel you used the command in!

Need help?

Our support team is always happy to help you figure out any issues in the FollowBot Support Server.


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