Omegle Bot#0632

A bot to make anonymously 1v1 talks with people!

Hey there, introducing Omegle Bot! Omegle Bot puts you in queue and allows you to make one on one talks anonymously!

All you have to do is invite her to your server and private message her, you can join the queue with "!findchat" We recommend sticking Ada to the sidebar so members will see it.

We take harrassments/abuses seriously, bad behavior or abusing the bot will get your account blacklisted.

Our Discord Server:


!commands: Shows you the list of the commands.

!findchat: Puts you in queue to find a match.

!endchat: Ends the chat.

!leavequeue: Leaves the queue.

!reveal: Reveals your name to the matched user.

!blockuser: Blocks the user, you won't get matched again.

!blocks: Shows how many people you have blocked.

!unblockall: Unblocks everyone you have blocked before.

!report: Reports the user to the mods and blocks them for the next matchings.

!setnick: Sets a display nick instead of Anonymous.

Tags: Anonymously, anonymous, talk, 1v1, chat, friends, meet, strangers


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