This is a discord bot with over 65 Commands. This is mainly based on fun and helping your discord server grow!


This is a discord bot which will full fill all your needs, cupcake doz is based mostly on games, currency and fun. The bot currently has over a hundred commands which can be displayed when you use the command ?help. The bot is customizable in all sorts of ways, the welcome message, prefix, commands channel, log channel etc.


Alothough this bot is based on fun, games etc. it has moderation commands! This includes a swear filter, warn, kick, ban, purge, temp-mute, unmute and thats pretty much it!


This is one of the best feautres about the bot, it includes many many games, some of them which include akinator, guess the number, hangman etc. For the upcoming developent stages we will be working on this feature the most.


Have you ever wondered if you could talk to bots? If yes you can using cupcake doz, by using the talk command you can talk to the bot! This is not the only fun command in this category it has all sorts of commands which include 8ball, memes, pokemon, lyrics, and so much more! You can even translate any word to french or german with ?define hello fr. Cupcake Doz also has a feature where it automaticly sends memes to a web hook every 120 seconds! This feature is absolutly free aswell!


This is probaly the best part about the bot, it has many features for currency. We decided to name the currency zoins. Zoins can be earned with some basic commands which include robbing, throwing cupcakes at each other LOL, working, claiming daily loot crates and daily and hourly zoins, and so much more commands for this! Zoins can be used to buy stuff from the shop which includes, loot-crates, cupcakes, premium (More Detail Below), and so much more!


Cupcake bot is also known for utility, it has a suggestion feature, poll command, and embeding. We are also currently working on more features for this category!


Okay lets start off on how to get premium, premium is absolutly FREE! (kind of lol), all you have to do to get premium is earn a million zoins and type ?buy premium and thats it! You now have premium for a week! Premium includes less cooldown for some commands, double zoins for hourly, and daily access to the daily loot crate command. And just so much more!


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