A automatic rolebased prefix, suffix or infix Bot with a lot of quality of life functions to manage the nicknames of your Discord Members


What does the bot?

This bot help you to manage the nicknames of your Discord usere with a rolebased prefix suffix ore infix automatically.

How this Bot work?

At the moment the bot have just one mode how it check which role will be set as prefix suffix ore infix. The role wich is higher in your role hierarchy will be used!

When you have finish the setup guide the bot will rename the user everytime when a role have been added or remove from them or when you have run a manually Rename command.




The Permission that you need to be authorized to run the command will show up if you dont have them img

Setup Commands

[IMPORTANT]You will just NEED this commands if you have add the Bot WITHOUT ANY PERMISSIONS otherwise you can skip these commands.[IMPORTANT]

  • r!rename setuprights show you the rights that the bot need for setup and a bot invite link with all permissions

  • r!rename setup initialized the setup guide for the Bot

Basic Commands

This commands you will need for basic using

  • !rename help this command show you the overview and a example of all the other commands

  • r!rename setprefix [prefix] use thies command to change the command prefix

  • r!rename setallow [#teamcommands] with this command you can set a text channel where your team member can send thier commands. if you wanna that your team can send their command in every text channel use r!rename setallow all

  • r!rename setlog [#bot-log] this command is really important, with this you set the log channel where all the changes and errors by the bot will be sent to

  • r!rename display [1/2/3] with this command you choose between prefix suffix and infix

  • suffix: r!rename display 1

  • prefix: r!rename display 2

  • infix/custom: r!rename display 3 r!rename ignorerole [add/del] [@roleMention ... @roleMention3] With this command you can decide which role the bot should ignore/don´t rename!

  • r!rename fix the bot will tell you when you need to use this command. This is for some database fix

Manually rename commands

User this Commands when you wanna that the prefix | suffix | infix of some users, a group or all members of the Discord getting updated

  • r!rename try [@userMention ... @userMention5]
  • r!rename group [@groupMention ... @groupMention3]
  • r!rename all

Advanced commands

This commands you will need for advanced using | video guide[comming soon]

  • r!rename setcustom [renamePattern] this command is a bit complicated you will need it if you e.g. want to set an inifix. you can use the word {user.nickname} for the nickename and the word {role.nickname} for the rolename Example: r!rename setcustom {user.nickname} is level {role.nickname} | Result: LEpEX is level 5

  • r!rename setholder [@userMention] [shorteNickname] Discord supported just nicknames with a length of 32 characters with this command you can set a short nickname that the bot can rename the User

  • r!rename delholder [@userMention] Use this command if you wanna delete the [shorteNickname]

What Permissions need this Bot?

This are the fundamental Permissions that the bot need

  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Channels
  • Create Instant Invite
  • Change Nickname
  • Manage Nickname
  • Manage Emojis
  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Read Message History
  • Use External Emojis
  • Add Reactions

Video guide



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