A cool bot with fun, moderation, informational commands and even Advanced Logs! New features coming soon.

A really cool bot with many features including:

➤ Fun commands: snipe, editsnipe, howsimp, emojify, ascii, 8ball, reverse etc.

➤ Game related Commands: rps, hypixel, hive, mcserver

➤ Moderation Commands like ban, kick, banlist, slowmode, clear

➤ Administration Commands like config, announce (More coming soon)

➤ Ticket System: A own ticket system so that you do not need seprate bots and can minimize the amount of bots you have in your guild!

➤ Giveaway: Host a giveaway in under a minute with ease.

➤ Customisable logging channels such as welcome-logs, leave-logs, chat-logs, mod-logs, suggestion-logs, ticket-logs and more

➤ 99% uptime (Unless down for maintainence)

➤ New Updates Rapidly


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