Get notifications (links) to your favorite anime/manga/light novel new episodes/chapters. Watch, read, vote commands and more!

Have you been tired of scrolling through websites to see if your favorite anime/manga/light novel released a new episode/chapter

Fear no more because pew gotchu

pew is an advanced anime/manga/light novel notification bot that sends your server your favorite anime,manga and light novel releases!

pew can notify your server the moment a new episode/chapter releases! Your server will receive a link to the latest episode/chapter so you can start watching/reading directly with no interruptions!

You can also make it ping any role and even has an automatic reaction role message!

For mangadex users you can add your mangadex list to the notification list directly with just a link! do pew md setup to start!

read below for more examples!

  • Websites used:

  • Examples for a Manga:

    pew add solo leveling

    adds solo leveling to the server list

    pew ping @role solo leveling

    When a new chapter releases, pew will ping @role

    pew role

    shows a reaction role message to assign roles to users

    pew list shows your server's anime,manga and light novel list

  • Example to watch/read an anime or manga

    pew watch 55 naruto

    get a link to watch naruto episode 55!

    pew read 125 solo leveling

    get a link to read chapter 125 of solo leveling

    pew read latest attack on titan

    get a link to read the latest chapter of attack on titan

  • Examples for the voting system:

    You can use this system to make users vote for wich anime should be notified, or for all sorts of uses like to know your server's favorite anime/manga/novel.

    pew vote anime naruto

    Votes for naruto(anime)

    pew votes

    Shows server's vote ranking.

    for more help on commands do : pew help


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