One of a kind, easy to use ModMail solution for easy communication between staff and members.

MailBox - Public ModMail

MailBox is an intuitive, simple to use tool that allows server staff members to communicate with members through a DM channel. When a user DMs MailBox they will be given a list of mutual servers to choose from. Once that selection is made, a channel will be created in that server allowing for staff to reply and perform other various actions.

Setting up MailBox

MailBox is very simple to setup. I would strongly suggest checking out our Documentation for more details.

1.) Invite MailBox with all permissions automatically selected

2.) Run -setcategory [category] to select a category for ModMail channels to be created in.

3.) Run -setup to view the current setup process. After step 2, MailBox is ready to go. Server managers and administrators can reply to threads by default, but you can add more roles with -addrole [role]

4.) DM MailBox to open a thread and try it out! You can reply to threads in an active thread channel with -reply [message] and close the thread with -close [optional time]. We also have some cool features including snippets and blocking users from creating threads in your server!


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