Neko Haven Reborn#5397

Features ranging from Waifu Battles (leveling up, stats, etc), anime images, economy, many gifs (700+ custom messages), automatic moderation and more!

Welcome to Neko Haven Reborn (NHR)

NHR is a bot which tries to bring many needed/entertaining features to your server. NHR has things such as Waifu Battles where you can unlock waifus, level them up, train, sell or fight with them! The bot is also equipped with automatic moderation (to help prevent raids, log information and more), manual moderation such as ban, kick, purge, etc.

This is just the start! There're 40+ gifs, with over 700 custom messages to bring emotion to your server, avatar manipulation commands, image templates, anime images, and much more!

Updates are published every 2-3 weeks, bringing new commands, stabilizing old ones and fixing bugs! We hope that someday NHR can become one in all bot, allowing you to bring many features to your server from a single bot!

Some of our most used commands include

Auto Modderation

  • ??blank (Blank avatar protection)
  • ??logs (Audit Logging)
  • ??joinraid (Protects from join raids)
  • 2 more commands

Waifu Battles

  • ??waifu get (Claim a waifu)
  • ??waifu train (Train your waifu)
  • ??waifu fight (Fight with other players!)
  • 7 more commands


  • ??CG (Catgirl Images)
  • ??FG (Foxgirl Images)
  • 5 more commands


  • ??daily (Daily coins)
  • ??boxes (List of available boxes to open)
  • ??upgrade (Upgrade different commands economy commands)
  • ??shop (List of available items)
  • 8 more commands


  • ??hug (Lemme hug ya!)
  • ??kiss (Chu...)
  • ??slap (clap em all)
  • ??bite (Nom nom nom)
  • 38 more commands


  • ??fact list (Facts, 13 commands)
  • ??joke list (Jokes, 20 commands)
  • ??avatar list (Avatar manipulation, 6 commands )
  • 3 more commands
3 more sections, with 40+ commands

You can support the bot developers by purchasing premium here and unlock many features throughout the whole bot too!


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