The crawling dead#1451

A text based zombie apocalypse game

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How to play ?

First start with a command, in this case 'CD' or 'cd' or short '.' after that there are multiple options that you can use. example: CD register

this command you can use to register your nickname like this:
example: CD register xsane

After you have registered, you can see your profile.
example: CD profile or CD p

On your profile you will see a variety of statistics that are used in combat, including your items like swords, shields and armor.

To survive in a zombie apocalypse you need loot!

Try to find some loot after checking your profile.
You can do that by typing in CD loot

Now you got your first choice, fight or run !
If you have clicked the gun to fight you will see the battle.

After a battle I'd advise you to heal up, for now you can use your hourly bonus to do that.
You can claim the bonus by typing CD hourly or CD hr

You see when you claim your hourly bonus that you will get seeds with that !

What to do with seeds?

You get a garden from us nice people. To see your garden type CD garden or CD g

its your job to maintain that garden, so plant some seeds in it ! CD plant

after a while you can come back and gather the plant. Do this by typing in CD harvest

Once you have harvested you can start planting more seeds !
Also if you have fulfilled certain requirements you can upgrade your garden to plant more seeds ! CD garden upgrade

If you have an upgraded garden and want to plant multiple seeds you can use garden plant all

If you want to know more about the garden you can always type in CD help garden

Items and how to use them 1.0

You can get several items from the garden for example 'potato'.
Once you get an item you can do several things with it first let's see it in your inventory !
CD inventory or CD inv

Now you know it's in your inventory you can check the stats of potato.
type CD item potato and you will see that it grants 10hp.

you are currently full of HP so lets do a battle first !


But before we fight lets equip an item by typing in: CD equip slot1 firstaid

You can equip up to 3 different items in 3 slots.

Now you are ready to fight

typ CD fight to fight a monster !
you can choose from 3 options here
type in a number:
1 to attack,
2 to dodge with a chance to dodge but also do damage but less damage,
3 to flee. 4 to use your firstaid.

If you need help with fights just type CD help fight
After you defeat this monster it's time to heal !

Items and how to use them 2.0

type CD use potato and you will see your hp is going up. This is just a small amount so try this again with firstaid.

Well done !

Now you probably have some items in your inventory that you don't want because you only have 500 slots. If you need to get more space in your inventory just trash some items !
CD trash potato 10 this will remove 10 potatoes from your inventory.
CD trash potato will remove 1 potato

But there is another fun way of getting rid of items, just throw them at someone !
But be carefull who you hit !
CD throw potato @xsane
You can only throw one item at a time!

Equip weapons

You can also equip items like swords and shields do it like this:
CD equip training sword
these items will increase your stats.

Fight with friends !

Now you are a lot stronger, try to fight with another player
CD fight @xsane
Same as before just now you fight together to beat your foe.


Sometimes you find items you can use to craft other items, for example upgraded sword.
first check the item.
CD craft recipe upgraded sword
here you see you need 3x sword and 6x tape to make it.

If you get those items you can type in:
CD craft upgraded sword
then you can equip it.


Some commands have shortcuts to make it faster to typ. like cr r firstaid
will give you the crafting recipe for firstaid.

you can make it even shorter by finding the ID of the item in your inventory and type in: .cr r 8 that is the same as CD craft recipe firstaid


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