Karma Bot#8954

A Multipurpose Discord Bot, used for Music and also has some Fun and Utitlity commands as well as ChatBot Feature.

A Multipurpose discord bot, with beautiful Embeds and managed commands along side with music commands and fun utility commands. Commands are as follows.

Chat Bot Commands: k!chatbot - Gets the Info About this Command. k!setchatbotchannel - To Set a Channel k!disablechatbotchannel - To Disable a Channel.

Music Commands: k!play ➢ Allows playing the specified music. k!leave ➢ Allows to leaves the voice channel. k!loop ➢ Plays the previous song again. k!skip ➢ Switches to the next music. k!pause ➢ Pauses the music. k!resume ➢ Continues the music. k!volume➢ Adjusts the Volume of the music. k!lyrics ➢ Sends the lyrics of the specified music.

Other Commands: k!profile ➢ Shows the Profile of specified user. k!spotify ➢ Shows the Spotify Information of a User. k!avatar ➢ Shows the respective User's Avatar. k!snipe ➢ Shows the previous deleted Message. k!ping ➢ Shows the Ping/Latency. k!serverinfo ➢ Shows the Information of the Server. k!reddit ➢ Sends an image from the given SubReddit.

Information Commands: k!info ➢ Gives Brief Information about the bot. k!link ➢ Gives the Invitation link. k!uptime ➢ Shows the Uptime Statics.

Anime Commands: k!karma ➢ Drops Random Karma Pics or gifs. k!pat ➢ Drops Random Neko Pics. k!hug ➢ You know what it does. k!wink ➢ Sends a Winky Face


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