A BETA Moderation and Utility Bot



invite: Links to invite bot to another server, and invite link to this server

help: Get a list of all commands

updates: See the bot's update log

vote: Vote for the bot on verified bot lists

tips: Useful Discord tips

ping: Pong! See the bot's ping

cool-servers: See some servers that WarnBot suggests

suggest: Get the link to make a suggestion

Moderation (Permissions required in parenthensis):

clear [number]: Clear specified number of previous messages. The max is 100 (Manage Messages)

mute [@user] (Reason): Mute mentioned member for listed reason (Kick)

unmute [@user]: Unmute mentioned user (Kick)

warn [@user] (Reason): Warn mentioned member for listed reason (Kick)

kick [@user] (Reason): Kick mentioned member for listed reason (Kick)

ban [@user] (Reason): Ban mentioned member for listed reason (Ban)

announce [announcement]: Announce something in the server you want to announce it in (Manage Server)

talk [text]: Talk as WarnBot (Manage Messages)

Update Log:

0.1: Basic Common Moderation Commands added

0.2: Announce, Rules, & Update Log Commands added

0.3: Ping, Vote, & Tips Commands added, Clear Command fixed to delete the correct number of messages

0.4: Talk, Suggest, Cool Servers Commands added, Updated some error messages, fixed Ping command


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