Clash Recruiter#6664

Introducing you, Clash Recruiter! A bot built for advertising clans and bumping clans! It is a tool used for advertising clans and getting more and more recruits!

Introducing you, Clash Recruiter bot! It can do all advertising for 0$!

What can it do?

It can bump your clan ads to different partnered servers and get recruits on behalf of you!!

How to setup?

  1. Invite the bot to your server:

  2. Type, cr!help to know the commands!

  3. Type, cr!setup to setup the server!!

  4. Once done, type, cr!config to view your changes and to view whether the stuffs you entered are correct!!

  5. Then type, cr!bump and boom!! The clan is bumped!

NOTE:You can only bump once an hour!

How to have reduced cool down for bumping?

If you setup a feed channel for the ads in your server too, then you will have reduced cool down of only 30 mins!!

To do so, Type, cr!feed <channel-name>

It’s that simple!!!

What are you waiting for?! Use the bot to suffice your needs now!!!!!


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