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The bot to provide you with all your needs

Were you ever thinking: "What do I need, to provide my server with fun?" or are you more like "I just need a bot whatever"?

In both cases, Kuramoto is going to provide you with whatever you need, even if it's nothing that you need.

  • Music: Kuramoto provides you with tons of commands to play music. You can not only stream music from YouTube but also SoundCloud, Twitch, Bandcamp, Vimeo, and Mixer. You can queue music, shuffle your queue, skip songs, see what song is playing and pause/resume your music. And, of course, you can change the volume (for premium users up to 1000, a.k.a. ear rape).
  • Captcha: want to get rid of those bots trying to spam your server? Enable captcha!
  • Fun: yes, we provide you with memes. Is that all? No! Kuramoto is able to get posts from your favorite subreddit. (NSFW subreddits are filtered and can only be viewed in NSFW-channels).
  • Moderation: of course there are those simple commands like kick and ban. But, that's not all. With Kuramoto you have the ability to warn users, temporarily ban them (for minutes, hours, days, e.g.) and mute them.
  • Gateway: were you ever like: "Are people even reading my rules?", if you were, we've got the solution. Kuramoto provides you with a gateway that you can enable and disable. For short, the gateway is a system that creates a channel where all your rules are put in to. When a new member joins, he/she can only see that channel and will be prompted to agree with the rules. After, they can see all the normal channels (or get kicked if they deny).
  • Welcome messages: yes, we got that fancy feature where you can welcome your new members with cool welcome messages. Not only when they join, but also when they leave, Kuramoto will let it know. When you have premium as an owner, you get custom welcome/leave images. You can even customize these!
  • Blacklist: tired of removing messages containing bad words? Or people sharing their server invites? The blacklist is there to help you and your moderators out. You can blacklist certain words so they can't be said by members that don't have administrative rights.
  • Live stats: for the people that aren't afraid to invest a bit of money, Kuramoto provides them with live stats. This gives you the ability to have a channel in your server that shows your member count LIVE!

Not convinced after all of those dope features? Well, add the bot to your server and you'll smile by the user-friendly experience.


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