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Aiden's Assistant is a multipurpose bot.

Aiden's Assistant

This is a public bot that has many designed features and more for you to enjoy every second of usage within this bot.


Aiden's Assistant's Developer works hard nonstop to release the best updates for the discord community. This bot has a built in updatelog which is used for you to detect all updates when they happen. When you add this bot to your server, you won't regret it. It's a must-have bot, following up to become one of the biggest bots out there soon. Every invite, every vote, every great comment all is what makes the developer move on This bot has tons more to come within the next month: Auto Moderation, Advanced Logging, more log config and more! Aiden's Assistant is a bot that is designed to fit people's needs and let them have a bot that can do almost everything a normal server would want to have.

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