Cap is a Antinuke, Music, Moderation & Utility bot

Cap - a Discord Anti-Nuke Bot with Tones of other Features

Description Cap is a bot that prevents users & staff from destroying your server. This works with whitelisting, if a user is whitelisted they will bypass all anti-nuke modules and the bot will ignore their actions. If a user is not whitelisted and bans/kicks a member, invites a bot to the server, delete channels/roles or give unwhitelisted members permissions, they will be removed from the server You can choose if you want the bot to kick, ban or remove the user role if they trigger the antinuke system.

Setup: Please ensure that Cap has administrator permissions and that its role is the highest on the role list.

-Antinuke commands -Fun commands -Admin commands -Misc commands N-sfw commands -Utility commands -Logs commands


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