A fun/utility bot with new features like Discord Activities and Youtube Together.


Hexa is a bot with Discord's newest features like Activities and Youtube Together. We also feature some fun commands like -ai and -tictactoe as well as other utilities.

a few important features we have:

  • Youtube Together! A new feature that allows you and your friends to watch and queue up Youtube videos in a voice channel. Just run /youtube and type in the voice channel you want to watch in and let Hexa do the rest!
  • Discord Snowflake lookup: Forgot when you made your account? Use -snowflake with your account id (ex. 524722785302609941) to find out.
  • Global server ranking, see how active your server is compared to others

what are discord activities?

Discord activites are a new in-development voice channel feature that allows you and your friends to enjoy games and videos together in a voice channel.

It's a breeze to start an activity. Just use /activity and provide the voice channel, as well as the activity you wish to start.

at this time we support the following activities:

- Youtube Together
- Fishington.io
- Poker Night
- Betrayal.io
- Chess in the Park (still in early development)

We will continue to add more as Discord rolls them out.

some of our fun commands


  • rank [user]: get the rank of someone on the messaging leaderboard


  • flip [n]: flip n coins
  • roll [s]: rolls a die with s or 6 sides


  • calc <expression>: solve any math expression!
  • wiki <query>: search anything on Wikipedia
  • ai <prompt>: generate a paragraph of text based on your prompt


  • tictactoe [user]: play tictactoe against the bot or against a friend
  • youtube <voice channel>: watch Youtube Together
  • activity <activity> <voice channel>: play games in a voice channel


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